September 25, 2022

Spray painting is a real easy technique to complete a painting tasks, specially when the area required to cover is large. This way can enjoy the ease in covering larger area quickly and also leaves no brush marks if you area newbie painter. Spray painting is considered a best way to fine coat almost any surface, smooth to rigid. Start you job by cleaning the surface, flake off every loose particles, paint or other remnants, a fine sanding can be done, if you wish the surface to be smooth looking.

When you have painting job to complete and you have considered doing it the spray way, you have taken a wise decision. Sure that you can get the work done fast, really neat and at the same time you can get satisfaction in doing things on your own.

Are you looking for the best paint sprayer? Having the right paint sprayer will be a huge time saver and will provide you a more professional finish. Check out my short guide and learn more.

A sprayer can save hours of job when used correctly so that it can be worth their price for various projects. The key is to understand what unit might be the best for certain projects. Obviously, the contrator who wants their sprayers to work all day long and pump more than 100 gallons a day need a diffent machine compared with a handy man who only uses his sprayer for small objects.

Differnt Categories of Paint Sprayers

Most sprayers today fall into one of the four categories:

  • HVLP paint sprayers (HVLP stands for “high volume low pressure”)
  • Airless paint sprayers
  • Hand held cup paint sprayers
  • Air paint sprayers

Different categories of sprayers are designed for differet applications.

HVLP Paint Sprayers 

An HVLP sprayer is a hybird between an air and an airless sprayer. It can reduce more overspray than an airless because of its low volume. This makes the HVLP unit fit for small projects such as shutters, doors, fences, iron work, shelving and furniture and the HVLP sprayer becomes so veratile when dealing with this things. But an HVLP sprayer can’t put out as much paint as an airless sprayer. If you use your sprayer mainly for small items, an HVLP should be considerd.

Airless Paint Sprayers 

Airless sprayers are the most versatile among the four categories of sprayers. The differences in coverage, pump, and quality are more easily achievable and the price of an airless can range from one hundred dollars to thousands of dollars. The smaller airless rig is great for do-it-selfers and homeowners but it is also used by contractors for occasionnal small projects. The smaller unit is lightweight and portable – sometimes even a child can carry it. Larger airless sprayers also have their places, which will be used by contractors when hundreds of gallons paint are being applied.

Hand Held Cup Sprayers

These little electronic sprayers have a long history. They have a paint cup attached to the gun so it is convenient to use. A hand held sprayer can also be considered as an airless sprayer because it doesn’t use air to atomize the paint. It is designed for frequent, daily use and is an ideal choice for do-it-selfers and homeowners. Contractors can also use these hand held cup sprayers when dealing with small items in project.

Air Sprayers 

This kind of sprayer is also known as a convetional sprayer. They look a lot like the hand held cup sprayers but the difference is that you need an air compressor to help the unit atomize the paint. So the paint will be mixed with air and you will get a finer mist. Air sprayers are suitble for painting automobiles and cabinets because it can provide a slick and glossy finish. However, it is hard to reduce the overspray and the output is slower than an HVLP or an airless.

Top 6 Paint Sprayer Reviews

1. Fuji 2203G

  • Non bleed and adjustable pattern:

The Fuji 2203G is a professional non-bleed Spray Gun that comes with special Adjustable Pattern Fan Control system that allows the user an array of spraying patterns by adjusting the control knob from small to large. Despite whatever setting you choose, the Non Bleed feature assures no spillages or clotted paint.

  • Power perfect:

At only 26 pounds this robust paint sprayer comes attached with a heavy duty motor that functions at 1400watts. This powerful motor is made of hard wearing metal that is long lasting and perfect for a do-it-yourself user. For further assistance, there is also an ergonomically conveniently designed gun handle that allows extra control over this strong machine.

  • Reduced overspray:

This, 2nd stage version of this particular model comes with a 25ft Hose that can be maneuvered to the most toughest of positions and an air valve that controls for over spraying and any sort of bouncing back reflex. Moreover, now you can fashion multiple paint coats at the best variations.

2. Graco Magnum 262800

  • Fast cleanup:

The Graco 262800 comes with a power flush system that allows for a perfect and fast clean-up job. All the user needs to do is add cleaning liquid and attach a hose for the flushing system to work. With this feature extra problems associated with the cleaning of the sprayer all reduce automatically.

  • Powerful Pump:

This is a highly durable paint sprayer with double the lifespan compared to its counterparts. Moreover, it functions at 0.24 GPM with a 125 gallon usage per year. Also, the sprayer automatically stops when the gun trigger is released which also works as a safety function since it prevents the sprayer from overheating and damaging the motor.

  • Ergonomic design:

Along with a durable stand that lets the user work in peace and ease, there are also ergonomically engineered handles that let the user move the sprayer around easily. Moreover, the operating knobs are also user friendly and allow for easy adjustment of the pressure levels of the sprayer.

3. Fuji 2894-T75G

  • Quiet functioning:

The Fuji 2894 works quieter than any nocturnal animal. Compared to other HVLP turbines, this sprayer is 50% less noisy due to the patented noise reduction feature. This means your paint sprayer not only works effectively but also quietly and peacefully.

  • Non bleeding features:

The non bleeding function of this high tech paint sprayer ensures that there are no additional blockages in the nozzles and that the surface being painted has a regular and fine finish. Since the air is only passed through the gun when the trigger is pulled, there won’t be any excessive paint on the surface hence resulting in an evenly distributed coat of professional standards.

  • Professional spray gun:

The best thing about this highly modern spray gun is that it works as well for beginners as it does for professionals. This is due to the user friendly features of the sprayer like the control knobs that allow you to control the pattern of the paint released which can vary from small to large.

4. Earlex HV5500

  • Ideal HVL unit:

With a 650 watt turbine and a 5500 spray station, this is one ideal paint sprayer built to get the job done. Changing spray patterns between vertical, horizontal and round was never simpler. Also, this ultra modern sprayer is built for perfection.

  • Expert Finish:

The HV5500 comes with a powerful motor this is easy to set up thus allowing for an evenly executed paint job. It can work in an array of environments and also manage to get to the tiniest of spaces that a painter would otherwise be unable to reach with a brush or a roller.

  • User friendly:

This is probably the best feature of the HV5500. It can be used by an array of people from varying backgrounds and still end up giving you the best results possible. Due to its ergonomic functions and portable nature, it can be carried around easily hence allowing it to be versatile in nature especially when it comes to getting the job done in the oddest of places. Moreover, its lightweight also adds to its portable and compatible nature.

5. Graco Magnum 261815

  • Adjustable pressure:

Although the Graco 261815 is built to handle pressure that can go all the way to 3000psi, it comes with a highly valued pressure control knob that allows its user to change the pressure of the paint sprayed according the requirement of the surface needing the paint job. This means that one can now easily control the releasing factor of the spray and be safe from over spraying.

  • Siphon tubes:

Unlike its counterparts, the Graco 261815 has a delivery rating of 0.34 gallons per minute which means that the sprayer can pump 1 to 5 gallons of paint in a go. These ratings are highly significant since this feature is hardly seen in any paint sprayers in the market today.

  • Strong motor:

This robust paint sprayer is a known for managing large scale jobs as well as it works around small scale ones. This is because of its 0.75 HP motor that runs n a regular 15 Amp current which means that although it can manage large scale jobs, its basic requirements are user friendly. Moreover, the whole structure is very durable especially die to the stainless steel power piston pump.

6. Fuji 2903-T70

  • Compact and portable:

Although the Fuji 2903 is made with heavy duty metals and is highly robust in nature, it is also lightweight and quite compact. Along with being portable, this means that the sprayer can be easily moved around without any hindrances.

  • Ideal hose length:

Despite the fact that the sprayer is portable and can be easily carried around, the manufacturers have adjusted this hearty paint sprayer with an ideal hose of 25 feet which means even if you leave the main unit away, the hose is long enough for you to easily cover your whole ceiling. Moreover, the hose also has an air control valve that doesn’t let there be any over spraying.

  • Convenient pattern control knobs:

The Fuji 2903 is the epitome of professionalism. Its side pattern control knobs allow the user to adjust the fan pattern between large to small settings just like a professional paint sprayer would do. This means you don’t have to worry about any over spraying that would hinder the fine coating of paint.

Graco TrueCoat Plus Paint Sprayer
If you read the reviews of paint sprayers then you will discover that Graco charts top among the best paint sprayers. It gives you faster results and are every easy to clean. It also doesn’t clog and adjusts automatically to the viscosity of the paint.

Campbell Hausfeld Paint Spray Guns

This paint spray doesn’t allow a material to get wasted in the cup. It has got great features like providing optimal atomization and particle size. The aluminium body allows you to clean up easily. It’s really worthy for it’s durability.

Wagner Paint Spray Guns

This is a paint spray which offers a perfect finish with it’s excellent air pressure control feature. The air hose also has a good height enough for your comfort. You can even select from the three different spray patterns. The flow control is also really great.

Milwaukee Paint Sprayer

This is a durable paint spray and gives great value for your money with it’s supreme finish and performance. The cleaning is also pretty and you can applied about 20 gallons of paint in six hours. It gives you the exact results like what you get after hiring a professional painter.

Buffalo Tools Industrial Paint Spray Gun

Many reviews tell that this paint spray is really good for it’s price. You need to just make sure to make it clean after use.

It’s always better to buy these paint sprayers online as you can avail several discount offers on it and if you pick nice sites then you will get free shipping and faster delivery.

How to Choose The Best Paint Sprayer 

If you have one or more larger surfaces to paint and want to paint them fast while not compromising on quality, it’s best if you start looking for a high quality paint sprayer. Most people though believe that paint sprayers are designed to spray paint only on surfaces made of wood, but that is not true. In fact, they can be used for painting many other types of objects and materials, including brick, masonry and of course, metal.

With so much versatility, you’ll probably wonder if there are actually specific things you need to look for in a paint sprayer before buying one and that’s exactly what we’re going to talk about below.

Figure Out Your Needs

If you generally need to work on small scale projects, then a handheld paint sprayer is definitely the best option you can go with, since it will help you with projects that include painting fences and shutters. If you’d like to paint a thicker coat, such as elastomeric or waterproofing paints, then you’ll need to consider a different model.


The size of the nozzle is usually determined by the heaviness of the paint you want to use it with. As an example, if you want to shoot primer, then it’s best if you’d go for a paint spray that has a nozzle that’s at least one point eight millimeters in size. In general, the size of the nozzle ranges between one millimeter and two point two millimeters, but you’ll have a hard time finding a paint spray using anything outside one point two and two millimeters.

On the other hand, if you wish to use pearls, metallic paints and single stage paints, a smaller nozzle is more than recommended for such projects. With a smaller tip, the paint can be dispersed much easier and this will be visible in the final results.


There are two types of feeds a paint sprayer can feature, including the siphon and the gravity feed. There is a lot of debate on which of these is better, but after a lot of research we discovered that going with the gravity feed means using less energy and you can use the paint in your tank up to the last drop. It’s true that this type of sprayer is a bit more expensive, but they’re great for painting in narrow spaces.


Stopping in the middle of the project just so you can refill the paint tank is not really something most people feel comfortable doing. Now it all depends on what you’re looking for: some people want small sprayers that can be handled and stored easily, but hold little paint, while others are fine with the opposite. In fact, I think that a paint sprayer right in the middle of these 2 in terms of paint tank size and weight would be perfect.


At the end of the day, you also need to factor in the cost of the paint sprayer you want to get. The more affordable models usually clog faster and won’t really last you that long. The more expensive ones though feature a more solid build quality, more power and even some interesting extra features.

How to Clean A Paint Sprayer

It’s always better to use a paint sprayer if you need a better finish. It gives you faster results but remember to clean it inside out after use, coz that’s really important. Here are a few tips that help to clean your paint sprayer  given below:

  • You need to make sure that before you unplug the paint sprayer, you should spray all the paint that is caught between the system. You can unplug the sprayer afterwards and just press one more time to release the built in pressure.
  • You can dip the hose of the paint sprayer in a bucket full of water
  • After that you can point your spray gun into the paint bucket and pull the trigger.
  • You can allow the water and paint inside the sprayer to come out and continue the spraying process in a bucket till the water becomes clean and clear.  
  • By using a scissor or a knife, you can trim the bristles of the brush in one cm length.
  • You can pour some paint thinner or lacquer in a plastic mug or bucket.
  • You can take off all the spray gun parts and soak it in a lacquer or thinner
  • You can wear a good gloves and place some lacquer thinner on a clean cloth and rub off all the excess paint from the frame and body of the paint sprayer.
  • With the trimmed bristles of the brush you can clean off all the paint thoroughly  from the spray gun. 
  • Filter the used lacquer thinner with a clean cloth and put the used thinner back into the real container so that you can use it again.
  • You can tie plastic bags under the wheels of the paint sprayer (if you have) as it is often the difficult part to clean. It helps to prevent overspray.

How Is Texture Spraying Done

Why is texture spraying basically done? The answer is to level any rough spots or markings on the texture and make it level with the wall. Do you want to know how texture spraying is basically done? Here it is for understanding before you start with texture spraying.

  • First before spraying on the wall texture get few scrap board to test your sprayer whether its proper for covering the wall textures particles neatly and impressively.
  • Now you can cover up the surfaces which doesn’t need to be sprayed right? Yes, cover up the textures which need not be sprayed using cloth or paper to prevent spoiling the entire surrounding.
  • A small texture can be sprayed with pressurized can of texture spray which is readily available at most hardware stores. If you need to cover up the entire ceiling or wall, its better you either borrow a wall texture spray machine from your friend or rent from the shop. A texture spray machine got lengthy spraying hose, so the hopper and motor of the spray machine is kept out of the room which is needed to be sprayed.
  • So did you cover up the surfaces using drop cloths or masking tape which doesn’t need to be touched by texture sprayer?
  • Load the hopper of the machine with wallboard compound which can either be already prepared compound or dried powder. To the compound pour water and stir it well. Add water if the compound is any form. Stir until it gains the consistency of a cake mix.
  • Adjust the nozzle of the sprayer for spraying the right sized particles. Ensure you get the right particles by trying on spraying board.
  • Start spraying the surface by moving the nozzle throughout which prevents excess spraying on the texture. Keep in mind it becomes much difficult to remove off excess texture than to add more texture.
  • Accidently if you have sprayed excess texture on the area wipe it off quickly when it is still wet and respray again.
  • Good you leave your sprayed texture to dry for about 12-24 hours time. The usually completion time for texture spraying is maximum 4 hours.
  • Prime and paint off the surface for the final finishing.

Understanding the different types of sprayers and different intended applications will help you make the best use of my reviews and choose the best paint sprayer. Good-luck and happy painting!