September 25, 2022

Equipment And Gear For Playing Paint Ball

A high level sportive game played in teams or as individuals. In paintball, with the help of markers help to tag the competing members. Paintball game play is by capturing the competent through paint gun, finding out hidden objects, obtaining the victory flag, etc. This game is played either in indoor or outdoor with enough space and terrain. During paintball the person wears mask to protect his face and time of the game varies from minutes to hours.

The equipment package of paintball includes many interesting stuffs, listing out some.


Gelatinous capsules which contains dye and other materials include polyethylene glycol. These are stocked inside the markers and non-hazardous components. The shape of the ball depends the quality of the ball shell and the thickness of the fill to form it. High quality balls are perfect sphere. These are categorized based on the ability to break on impact with deeply colored fill. In some it is filled with glittery materials or corn starch or metallic flakes to give a shiny splat on and shows bright on any background.


You can call this equipment more as a gear to gun the paintball tagging the opponents. The paintballs are loaded in the loader of the gun or the marker which is attached to it. It is fed either with the help of gravity or through electronic force. In modern markers there is compressed hole or carbon-dioxide for propelling. Air pressured guns with semi-automatic nature is used in modern markers. Compressed CO2 or nitrogen with high pressures are also incorporated in guns for more impact.


Masks or goggles helps in protecting oneself from powerful splats on face, also protecting eyes. These safety equipment is always required to wear. The original ones are found like those in labs or wood shops. Modern mask also protect throat. Also it is less bulkier when compared with older ones.


As time passes the balls will break off inside the marker which makes the inside filled with paint which can affect on perfection of the play. But the speedball players will shoot this off whereas woodball players clear off paint from the barrel. Squeegees are useful in clearing and cleaning this off.

Pods And Pod Packs

Pods being plastic container got flip-open lids which gears up paintballs ready to use. The pods are available in different sizes like 100 140 round sizes. Larger pods are mostly used by tournament players. Pods are incorporated in pod packs which helps in easy access. Leisure time players can use pod packs with belt loop.