September 25, 2022

Wagner Spray Tech 0515034 Procoat Paint Sprayer Reviews

A 2800psi Electric Piston Pump with 1/2-horsepower motor – With the powerful pump, the rig can manage the wholBest Paint Sprayere house painting. It produces the same excellent finish as professional sprayers.

515-reversible Airless Spray Tip – it is pefect for interior paints, oil base enamels, sealers and stains.

Commercial-grade Metal Spray Gun – It is compact and durable.

A 25-foot High-pressure Airless Spray Hose – Helps extend your reach and save your time by not having to move the machine.

Variable Pressure Control – Different coatings and wind condition will need different PSI to control overspray. The adjustable pressure control system will help you reduce overspray.


Performance – The high-end siphon tube and proven piston pump technology creates a excellent and reliable sprayer for the homeowners and handyman spraying thick paints as well as thin seals and stains in one sprayer. If you’re searching for high grade airless paint sprayer with a price under $200, this unit is definitely worth it.

Clean-Up – It is not as difficult as you think. Let a garden hose connect to it for a quick flush cleaning the machine in no more than 10 minutes.

Lightweight – It is so lightweight that even a child can carry it.


Not Designed For Heavy Daily Use – If you are a homeowner and going to use it every day for several weeks it should be all right and perfect. But if you are a contractor who needs the pump to spray all day long, you had better look for a larger airless paint sprayer.